Our programs

Technology to Empower Humanity

Yemeni Network for Emergency and Exchange Telecommunications

It was established as a result of an emergency demand for Internet connecting points to exist in case the national Internet and telecommunications

Business Incubator CornerStone

This Incubator is designed as one of YODET program to help entrepreneurs and startups.


Training the Yemeni girl in the age group 17 to 22 years in the fields of technology

Digital Security

Considered one of the most important programs in the digital field and has emerged as an urgent need

Yemen Portal

contribution of the organization in the field of digital journalism, where the organization oversaw the establishment of the site, the formulation of the news evaluation form and the training of the cadre of volunteers who evaluate the news.

Cyber Security for Kids

According to an initial questionnaire conducted by the organization, 50% of children under the age of 16 in main cities possess mobile devices or tablets and 30% do connect to the Internet.

Women and Technology

A special program aims to involve women in digital issues, especially aspects that support Yemeni women's orientation such as design, privacy protection, website building, e-marketing, entrepreneurship and advocacy of women's issues through social media.