About Us

Yemeni Organisation for Development and the Exchange of Technology (YODET) is anon-governmental non-profit humanitarian civilian society organization which is specialized its programs and activities to adapt the technologiesin serving the humanitarian development through, provision of services and technology professional consultations to any one work in the fields of humanitarian development to benefit from the technology development in finding solutions to several problems.


Moreover, YODET has conducted many programs to raise the awareness, build capacity, empower and rehabilitate youth and the who is active in the development in different areas such as digital protection, network administration, Electronic commerce issues and manage and designed the websites and support the humanitarian response programs etc.


YODET organization is trying through its network that operate by the Yah Click technology to insure the continuous of the communication during humanitarian response situations and toinsure all humanitarian agencies are be able to coordinate with each other in emergency situations in the Yemeni cities that suffer from conflicts and wars.


YODET is implementing its programs through a number of centers in several Yemeni governorates associated with partners and the of these centers are network centers called Yemeni Organisation for Development and the Exchange of Technology (YODET) and the scope of work of the YODET organization in all Yemeni governorates.

YODET establishment in May 2015 under the license (42 م 15) issued on December 16, 2015.



YODET Program:

Because of the short period of the establishment of the YODET organization, which did not exceed the year, however YODET has aunique several programs and activities:

-YODE Thas established four network centers to support the humanitarian agencies and Individuals withtechnologies skills in Yemen governorates (Sana'a - Taiz - Hodeidah - Aden) providing the free online services, consulting and technical services in some of the centers for activists and organizations.


-YODET carried out the first and the largest training program in the field of digital security and personal protection for activists in the four governorates.

-YODET has implemented and continues to provide training in occupational safety program for journalists in four Yemeni governorates.


-YODE Thas implemented several training programs in different areas in network technology, energy and e-marketing, new media and first aid and electoral registry and local radio areas target more than 20 training courses since the period preceding the formal establishment.


-YODET has signed a partnership with several local organizations in several governorates to implement YODET activities and programs Including incubator network centers as partners.


-Its members through its local and international posts in a number of conferences, workshops and training programs in key technical areas.YODET has participated in many areas internationally and locally in conducting many conferences and workshops in technologies fields.

-The organization will soon sign contracts for important projects and programs major governorates of Yemen including increasing the number of network centers to cover eight Yemeni governorates.