LVL wearable hydration monitor

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We’ve all read recommendations on how much we should drink to stay properly hydrated. The problem is that there’s no agreed-upon rate of said hydration — with some touting the “eight glasses a day” missive and others suggesting less or more. We also lack the knowledge of how much water we’ve actually absorbed, especially when it’s hot or we’re exercising.

But now, health startup BSX Technologies has created LVL, the first wearable device that promises to measure your hydration levels in real time. The LVL Band also tracks hydration, heart rate, sleep quality, steps, and calories burned. It measures hydration and heart rate using NIRS (Near Infrared Light), similar to the red light sensors utilized within their BSX Insight device. While it’s being primarily marketed towards athletes, you could imagine applications in health and aged care, the military and for people living in hot countries..

Last modified on Friday, 02 December 2016 13:21