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At first glance, the SuperSuit has a lot going for it. It’s the world’s first wearable gaming platform. Players wear the suit, go out in their backyards and start playing right away with Zi-Fi — an ad-hoc standalone wireless network that sits in between BLE and ZigBee in terms of range, no phone needed — and 15 pre-loaded games. As they run around, hide and zap each other,

a proprietary gesture engine activates “superpowers.” They can generate “Force Fields,” unleash “Shock Waves” and much more. The problem is that it’s kind of uncool and not in a good kitsch way, more in a Power Glove way. I can’t see kids committing to this. After all, you need at least one other friend to buy one to be able to play together, and as I suspect most kids would be a touch embarrassed to be seen playing with this in public. I can see this being popular with parents but not necessarily kids. 

Last modified on Friday, 02 December 2016 14:36