YNEXT regrets the deterioration of humanitarian.

(STATEMENT) – YNEXT regrets the deterioration of humanitarian situation in Yemen and demands warring parties stop fighting

SANA'A, Mon, June 12, 2015 – The Yemeni Network for Emergency Exchange of Telecommunications (YNEXT) condemned the grave violation of human rights on the national scene. It condemned the bombardment of residential neighborhood and public places by the Arab Coalition Forces which claimed the lives of many civilians.

YNEXT also condemned the breach of truce by the conflicting parties without considering the difficult humanitarian situation of the Yemeni citizens. YNEXT also condemned targeting houses of the citizens by the Arab Coalition aircrafts in Beit Baus area, which resulted in the death and injury of many innocent civilians as well as the demolishing of many houses, such as the residence of Dr. Walid Abdulaziz Al-Sakkaf, the consultant of YNEXT. In its statement, YNEXT expressed its deep sorrow for the grave deterioration of humanitarian situation of the civilians in the governorates of Aden, Al-Dalei, Taiz and Sa'ada as well as the rest of the governorates. It also regrets and the lack of basic service and worries about exposing a lot of civilians and their houses to attacks and bombing. YNEXT demands an immediate stop of the fighting and air strikes, appeals the warring parties to sit to the negotiation table, preserve the Yemeni blood and maintain security and stability. YNEXT also demands a fair and independent investigation in all attacks and violations against civilians. It also appeals to all parties of conflict to allow medical and relief teams access to civilians in order to save them, and improve the humanitarian situation in the affected areas. YNEXT emphasizes not to involve civilians in the armed conflict and the protection of their rights. It also emphasizes on not to assault on public services or the use of civilians as human shields.