Today in Sana’a a training for “MikroTik” wifi installation Today in Sana’a a training for “MikroTik” wifi installation and maintenance was launched by Adwar for Youth Development Organization with cooperation of Yemeni Organization for Development and Exchange Technology YODET. This training will last for a week and will benefit 30 trainee in the first stage. This training is the result of the cooperation between the two organizations as they both aim to provide trainings

and develop the capacity with practical skills. In addition, the trainees will gain new opportunities and enhance their chances to be employed and contribute the country. Therefore, the training will be inclusive and cover the theory section as well as practical implementation section for MikroTik systems. Moreover, the training aims to work underneath the IEEE standards that was assigned to the IEEE 802.11 standard and within the 2.5GHz range. The trainee will know how to operate the networks safely avoiding interference between similar networks or mobile networks. Mentioning that, Adwar and YODET had recently launched a program for capacity building with variety of courses in technical and development areas, which shall help reducing the unemployment and provide more job opportunities.