YODET lunches it's office in Sana'a and many projects


The Organization launched its publicity ceremony today, that also coincided with the launch of many important associated events Including its new headquarters -located in Kentucky ring road. The new location contains a technical center, a training hall, and business incubators.

 Also, the organization launched its website with its first version (www.yodet.org) In the ceremony, the organization launched important initiatives in the technical field that serves the community.



 (IT Girls) Initiative that will guide its activities and programs to serve the technical aspects of Yemeni women as the first Women's Technology Initiative at the level of Yemen. It also launched (Google Friends) initiative which aims to introduce the products of Google which many users including students, researchers, workers in the sectors of development need. The organization has also launched its fifth technical center as a part of its project (Yemeni Network for Emergency and Communications Solutions) with its third phase that's known as YNEXT3 which also includes the centers of Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah and Sana'a:

1.   Both Dr. Walid Al-Saqqaf – a pioneer of the technical initiatives and a consultant of the organization- and Amr Mustafa - coordinator of the organization- took a part in the event from Sweden and the Netherlands to stress the importance of community participation in actions that serve the community and how to harness technology in the service of humanity.


The organization with its associated initiatives have chosen Dr.Walid Abdulaziz Al-saqqaf as the person of 2016 who had a major role in serving the community by contributing in and establishing many initiatives and events such as TEDx , Internet Society-Yemen , and he represents Yemen and the technology community in most of the international conferences.


The ceremony was attended by a group of those interested, technicians and friends of the organization.