About Us

Yemeni Organization for Development and Empowerment in Technology (YODET) is a non-governmental non-profit organization specialized in carrying out programs and activities to embrace technologies that serve developmental and humanitarian causes through technology. It does so by providing training, capacity building and consultation services to anyone working in the fields of development or/and humanitarian relief and those seeking to deploy technological solutions that address societal problems.


Moreover, YODET has conducted many programs to raise awareness, build capacity, empower and rehabilitate youth and those who are actively involved in the development of different technological areas such as digital media production, network administration, electronic commerce, website design and humanitarian response programs, etc.


YODET has a growing network that operates in many cities across the country many which provide Internet services that function even during times when traditional communications are not working since they provide satellite Internet if needed. It has a mandate of providing emergency communication services in the Yemeni regions that suffer from conflicts..


YODET is implementing its programs through a number of centers in several Yemeni governorates associated with partners and the of these centers are network centers in several Yemeni governorates.

YODET was established in May 2015 and was officially licensed under registration number (42 م 15) issued on December 16, 2015 by the Ministry of Social Affairs..



YODET Program:

-YODET established several network centers to support humanitarian agencies, journalists and activists by allowing them access to Internet services for free and providing training on various technical skills. The organization started its work initially in four Yemeni governorates (Sana'a - Taiz - Hodeidah - Aden) and has since then expanded to many other parts of the country and is seeking to expand further. .


-YODET carried out the first and largest training program of its kind in the field of digital security and personal protection for activists in the four aforementioned provinces.

-YODET has also implemented and continues to provide training in occupational safety for journalists in particular, which is a crucial part of its mandate since getting the facts out to the world during the peak of the civil war is of tremendous importance..


-Among the areas that YODET is actively involved are network technology, energy and e-marketing, new media, first aid, electoral monitoring, and local radio operations. It has carried out more than 20 training courses until the end of 2016.


-YODET has signed partnership agreements with several local organizations in several provinces to implement its activities and programs Including forming incubator network centers across Yemen.


-YODET members and affiliates have had significant presence at local and international events such conferences, workshops and training programs in key technical areas.

-YODET will soon sign contracts to implement important projects and programs throughout Yemen where it plans to expand its network to cover the whole country.